How to Achieve Recognition with An Award

With the amount of competition in businesses today, raising quality while keeping costs low is an absolute must. Especially pertinent for the smaller businesses, employee performance may make the difference in the survival of the business.

One way to motive employees without excessive spending is with the use of awards. By recognizing the employees’ abilities and contributions, the employees are given a sense of pride in their accomplishments. It is this pride that will push the employees forward into working harder, and with a greater sense of satisfaction than before.

Using awards as stepping stones if effective. Providing a set document stating what an employee needs to do within the business in order to be awarded gives some control to the employee. They can now decide they want to work harder and do more because of the sense of satisfaction provided by the award. Often, this will result in a marked improvement in an employee’s performance.

The Different Award Programs

Award programs can be developed to benefit either employees or teams. Variable pay is a program where an actual part of an employees’ pay is deemed to be at risk. This can be used to boost the performance of an employee or an entire team because the rewards are strictly performance based.

This programs can include benefits like options in stocks, awards for select accomplishments or even packages containing specialty benefits. The award goals should be a challenge to earn without being so difficult the employees will not even try to earn them.

Bonus programs work quite well in organizations concentrating on sales. They are given to employees by making a certain number of sales or increasing their total sales by a given percentage. Making sales in certain territories or in a specific period of time can also be criteria for achieving this award. Whatever bonus the company awards should be achievable or they will not work.

Stocks as An Award

Awarding employees stock options in the company has always been popular among some of the larger companies. This option means an employee can purchase a certain amount of company stock at a set price for a predetermined length of time. Although the time period differs, it is usually set at a period of about ten years. This is designed to make employees want to continue working for the company for an indefinite period of time.

This way, the employee becomes vested in the company and is not likely to quit. One of the strongest benefits to this course of action for the company is they receive a substantial tax deduction. This compensates the company for offering the stock options to their employees. Although there are risks for both the employee and the company, this method has been proven effective as long as the company’s assets continue to grow at a steady rate.

Creating A Custom Award from Lucite

Lucite is often used to create beautiful, customized awards. This is because when using this material, the award has to be made by hand throughout the entire process. This gives companies the flexibility to highly customize their awards. The more customization an award has, the more desirable it will become.

Once the artisan has gained some experience in this area, they can customize a company’s brand or product on the award, right down to the last detail. The awards are made from a combination of Lucite and acrylic, which enables the crafter to form unique shapes, sizes and designs. The different options regarding components are another method used as they can be embedded directly into the award.
This helps to give it a one of a kind appearance. Artisans take a great deal of pride in the creation of these awards as each one allows them to showcase their knowledge and individual talents.

The History of Lucite

The DuPont company discovered Lucite in 1931, and almost immediately realized how easy of a product it was to work with. This material has even been used in the manufacturing of windows for aircrafts during World War II. This was because Lucite is not affected by water or UV rays from the sun. It was also not affected by bullets due to the properties of the material.

Finally, the weight is minimal compared to other similar products on the market. This made Lucite just right for awards, certain facets of architecture and even more. Corporate awards are exciting when they have the incredible detail Lucite provides. Technically speaking, very little knowledge is needed to understand how Lucite is made.
It is just the combination of mixing a liquid and a powder. From this point, the mixture is poured into a special mould and customized for the client.

The Awards Creation Process

Acrylic resin powder and a liquid with a very clear nature called monomer are the basic ingredients found in Lucite. When these ingredients are mixed, they combine into a thick liquid. Once they have been poured into their moulds, they start to harden somewhat. There is a layer of acrylic that is now used for imbedded objects.

After these objects are placed, the crafter will pour one more layer over the embedding, and then allow more hardening to occur. Awards with multiple layers are a lot more difficult to make. This is because achieving the proper centering after many layers have been poured is very hard to do. No two layers are exactly the same as they have been made by hand.

Once this process is completed, the awards are exposed to heat in a customized oven. This process removes any air bubbles and requires about ten hours to complete. The award is then cut and shaped according to the wishes of the client. Now any roughness is removed through sanding the award. This is also accomplished by hand. When the award is smooth, it is buffed to bring out an amazing shine. This is where the final customizations such as engravings are completed. The final assembly is now done and the award is ready for presentation to the client.

The Best Sales Award Ideas and Programs

Giving your employees the recognition they deserve in order to keep them highly motivated, and working hard is a key in business. Although money is always a possibility, sometimes finances are limited and it is not an option.

Awards that have been customized to represent your business, and designed to make employees feel good about themselves is the answer. When presented correctly, these awards will make your employees proud of where they work and the job they do. Offering a variety of awards is always a good idea. Categories like the company’s best performer, the employee who has shown the highest sales increase and the number of sales an employee has made are a few good examples.

Asking your employees what categories they think should be considered will make them feel good about giving their opinion and will probably gather good results. Starting incentive programs for the employees is simple because it does not require exhaustive planning or high expenses for the company.

The Reasons Awards Are Better Than Money

When giving awards, be aware that gifts are not subject to taxes and fees like cash. Awards also do not have all the obligations entailed when awarding cash. With a gift, the employee sees the award as a representation of how many years they have been with the company. It becomes a constant and happy reminder of the years past and the contributions made over those years.

The employee knows they have been a valuable asset to their employer. When an employer awards cash, the employee tends to break the amount down into years. He or she sees the cash as payment for each year served and there is a dollar amount attached. This is not nearly as effective as the actual award and can sometimes cause serious problems.

The most valuable thing a company can do for their employees is to make them feel appreciated and needed. An award showing the specifics of something that employee did for the company is a very effective way to accomplish this goal.

How to Customize Business Awards

Making business awards personable by adding information concerning the nature of the award is an effective technique. What the employee did to earn this award is critical and should be remembered. Options like including the date the contribution was made, the name of the employee and the company’s logo will make this an impressive award.

When employees look at their awards, they should remember exactly what it felt like when they received the award. This will strengthen their bond to the company. Including something positive that is a personal representation of the employee is a good technique.

Depending on the circumstances, shape and size are also important factors. For example, if an employee is being awarded for the largest sale made in a year, having a very large award makes perfect sense. These awards are about customization. The better the customization, the better the value of the award.

What Is a Deal Toy?

Deal toys are also referred to as a financial tombstone. This name is common in the world of banking and finances. This is a gift that has been customized to suit the recipient and say “thank you” for a job extremely well done. Often, this gift is given in celebration of the conclusion of an important financial or business deal.

These gifts usually come in the form of a plaque or trophies. These plaques are given as souvenir’s during the celebratory closing. Sometimes they can also be referred to as a deal gift or a Lucite tombstone. These specialized rewards are made to be adaptable for all different shapes and sizing. There are also different types available to encompass a wide selection of industries. These keepsakes are important to their respective recipients as they let them know they are appreciated for the contributions they have made.

The History of Deal Toys

The actual term deal toy goes all the way back to the 19th century. This started because of some of the terminology used by printers at that time. After the big crash in 1929 occurred, very strict limitations were placed on any advertising done by the banks. This meant the banks could no longer advertise transactions of a financial nature. Both the banks and law firms made slabs of Lucite that went around their ads.

These ads were usually in commemoration of having reached certain criteria. The announcements for these events were being placed in Lucite. They very first deal toy made was around 1970.
A Mr. McDonald figured out Lucite was perfect for crafting deal toys as it was light ad inexpensive. Although he initially has some reservations, the banks and law firms were quite enthusiastic about his idea. This also save the companies a lot of money by eliminating the need to shop for these gifts in expensive, high end stores.

What Is on A Deal Toy?

Deal toys are usually engraved with a firm’s logo or name. The type of transaction being commemorated is included along with the name of the awards recipient. Depending on what type of a deal is being celebrated, both the type of deal and its financial implications may be included on the award as well.

Since this type of award typically goes to financiers, it becomes an effective marketing tool for long after it was presented. Investment bankers took so much pride in these awards, they were in constant competition over them. This resulted in the creation of gorgeous new designs as they each tried to outdo the others.
Mostly made of acrylic, deal toys are beautiful mementos. Some are made of stone, glass, wood or metal although they do not have the versatility of acrylic. These beautiful keepsakes are customizable in a variety of shapes and sizes and will be around for many years to come.

Why Recognition Awards Have a Positive Influence

When an employee receives an award for recognition, it makes a dramatically positive statement. It tells this person that they are appreciated, that they have made a positive difference. One of the best ways for an employer to thank an important employee is by the giving of this award. This will also have the benefit of encouraging the person to work their absolute hardest in the future.

This inevitably leads to the employee’s self-esteem going way up, and making them an even better employee than they were previously. When a company is staffed with employees who feel good about not only themselves, but the company they work for, it makes a tremendous difference. This is the beginning of true success for both the company and the employees. Unfortunately, sometimes employers have the best of intentions but they are never carried out.

Why Recognition Awards Are Not Given by Some Companies

Although sometimes employers are aware of the importance of employee recognition, their efforts go astray. There are some employees who become jealous when they are not the recipient of the award. Instead of striving to work harder and have a chance to receive this award later on, they cause trouble. They become angry with the employer instead of asking what they lacked that the recipient did not and making necessary changes within themselves.

Their pettiness, jealousy and complaining have the opposite desired effect, and end up hurting employee morale. Employers who have seen this happen before become hesitant to give out these awards. If employers realized more that all employees think differently and have unique and individual requirements for what they believe is success, it would be different. When it comes to recognizing the abilities of employees, there is no such thing as one size fitting all.

How to Establish Proper Employee Recognition Procedures

When an employer makes the decision as to what is required to make an employee outstanding, this is the first step towards understanding employee recognition. With the creation of specific goals and plans for the employees, the employer begins to take charge. The opinions, accomplishments and behaviors of all employees must be given recognition. Establishing set criteria, such as awards for different accomplishments helps as well.

Giving out other awards such as gift certificates can add excitement and cause employees to work even harder. The most important thing any employer can do, is remember to be honest, fair and treat their employees well. Employees who make the exact same contribution must receive the exact same award. The establishment of set rewards for certain tasks or behavior simplifies the process and usually has good results.

Confusion must be replaced with clarity so employees have a full understanding of exactly what is expected of them at all times.

What Is a Service Award?

A service award is given to an employee based on the number of years they have been with the company. The Bureau of Labor states that the average employee only works for a company for just over four and a half years. Statistics have shown that anyone born in between the years of 1977 and 1997 are only going to commit to a job for just short of three years.

Since companies are choosing to honor their employees after five years of employment, this has become almost an impossibility. The most traditional of the service awards are given every five years. They begin with the employees first five-year mark and continue until twenty-five years have been achieved.

The theory is that if employers began giving these awards to their employees earlier, this may affect the length of time the employee chooses to stay with the company. By not beginning to give service awards for the full five years, some employees feel like their work does not have value.

Why Service Awards Work

Being recognized for hard work has a lot of meaning, especially if it has been personalized. When a company recognizes a person for specific achievements, that person feels appreciated and valued. This motivates them to not just work harder but to continue the same behavior that won them the award to begin with. When an employee feels that the praise given them was genuine, it becomes more meaningful.

It is helpful when an employer knows their employees well enough to decide if the award is better given in public or in private. Do not take too long a period of time to show recognition. An employee who is shown early on they are valued and appreciated will be more likely to stay with the company and be a model employee. Using social media to show an employee how well they are doing is also a great tool. The most important thing is to be certain your employees feel like their accomplishments are seen and appreciated.

How to Make Service Awards Valuable

A service award basically means you are saying thank you to an employee who has performed their job extremely well. To make a statement that has meaning, give them something they will always remember. Relate to the impact they have had on the company by accomplishing their tasks exceedingly well, and honor the achievement with a special award.

Offer different programs to your employees, each with some different criteria and set of tasks. This give employees a sense of determining their own path within the company, combined with the ability to be recognized for completing certain tasks effectively. This will show employees that you are openly trying to acknowledge their past, and hopefully future contributions to the company.
Simply put, if a person is happy with their job, they will remain with the company. If they are unhappy they will leave, and time and expense must be spent to train their replacement. This can be avoided with the proper recognition.