Health and Wellness Services at Nazareth College

Case Western Reserve University’s Health and Wellness Services are a vital part of the campus community. They provide comprehensive social service programs to meet students’ mental, emotional, and physical needs. These programs are coordinated with the university community to support a culture of safety, respect, and global citizenship. They also promote lifelong resilience and encourage healthy behaviors. In addition, health and wellness counselors can offer free health screenings and confidential counseling.

wellness health and counseling services

In addition to providing mental health support, wellness counseling services also help clients shed weight, eat healthier, reduce stress, quit smoking, and more. These counselors help students reach their goals, whether it is academic or personal. They offer motivation and resources to achieve their goals. They can even offer self-help techniques to overcome personal challenges, including dealing with mental illness. And, of course, there are many benefits of getting regular check-ups.

The health and counseling services at Nazareth College offer primary care for illnesses, as well as prescriptions, PPD clinics, and HPV vaccines. There are also individual, group, and virtual counseling services available. In addition, there are a variety of wellness programs offered to help students manage their emotional and mental health problems. Using the wellness health and counseling service at the university is free for students. Nonetheless, students must complete a health portal before the start of the fall semester to take advantage of the services. If they miss the deadline, they will have to pay a nonrefundable fee of $100. Additionally, students will be barred from taking classes the following semester.